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We can't always control what happens to us, but we can control how we want to feel.

Reset Your Goals - Life happens, and plans change. If you think your goals might need a reset, start here:

1. Refresh: Re-read the goals you set back in 2019, and determine which ones you're still able to pursue.

2. Adjust: Update the goals you are pursuing to reflect your current reality and circumstances.

3. Evaluate: Look at your current situation to determine what actions are working and which ones are not.

4. Plan: Write down small steps to take you toward your goals. Include key players and any schedule changes you might need to make.

5. Act: Carry out your plan, change your habits and march toward your new goals one step at a time.

Refocus Your

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Even if you are not currently looking for property, these 5 tips may help clarify/ease parts of the real estate process.

1. Mind Your Mortgage -A downpayment less than 20% may require mortgage insurance. Buyers must also have to pass a mandatory "stress test". Keep an eye on interest rates and chat with a trusted lender about options!

2. A Deposit Means Business -This money you drop with your offer to show you're serious about the transaction. The sum gets rolled into the down payment, but you lose it if you walk away from the transaction.

3. Check Your Inspections - Even if the seller has had a pre-listing inspection, you still have the option to set up a home inspection to catch anything they might have missed.

4. Extra Costs Can Add Up

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It's impossible to predict the future but here's a look at where the real estate market stands at the beginning of 2020.

Affordability is Improving

Housing Affordability is slowly improving according to RBC Economics. Explained: The gap between prices of single-detached homes and condos lessened, making single detached homes more accessible to buyers. Bigger Picture: Lowering interest rates and stronger wage gains are helping ease home ownership costs.

Home Sales are Increasing

Home sales rose slightly in 2019 according to CREA National Statistics. Explained: A decrease in the benchmark five-year interest rate is helping buyers get back in the game. Bigger Picture: With the benchmark lowered, buyers are more likely to pass the stress-test and

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Getting the Mortgage Monkey off your Back.

Owning a home is one of the most common ways to build equity and wealth. This process usually involves a mortgage. While the length of this loan might seem intimidating, it is possible to pay it off early depending on your circumstances. 

When looking into mortgages ask your lender if you will face a penalty by paying off your mortgage early. Each loan has specific prepayment privileges. Many plans limit the amount you can put toward a prepayment. If prepaying is a priority to you, you may want to consider a more flexible type of mortgage. Here are two main types of mortgages.

OPEN MORTGAGE                                                                CLOSED MORTGAGE

Higher interest rates           

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One Wellington Condos in Brantford, ON

Brantford’s first luxury condo is coming to the heart of downtown Brantford. Close to all amenities, One Wellington is a luxury residence just steps away from the city’s newly revitalized historic downtown, close to great entertainment and amazing restaurants, as well as the lovely Grand River. Every detail of One Wellington is created to amplify elegant living and comfort. The impeccable taste of elegant living and comfort, One Wellington exemplifies luxurious living. The magnificent rooftop garden is the crown jewel of One Wellington, providing a beautiful oasis amidst the development in Downtown Brantford. Perfect for hosting parties or relaxing, this brilliantly designed garden is complete with beautiful

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LIV Communities is creating the scene in the small, unique town of Paris, Ontario. This town is right off of highway 403 at the meeting of Powerline Road and Rest Acres Road. Scenic Ridge, in a beautiful part of the town will have many types of new homes, including bungalows, 2-storey singles, traditional towns, and dual frontage towns. This community located right near the Grand River will give anyone a good sense of both country and city living together as one.

Paris is located in Southern Ontario, and has been known as one of the “prettiest little towns in Ontario.” Paris is also known for its beautiful cobblestone architecture, which is why LIV Communities is very happy to be able to present Paris as the location for the new Scenic Ridge

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With 2019 right-around the corner, it's time to start thinking about what we would like to achieve in the coming year. Many have goals pertaining to finances, whether it's to save for retirement or a large purchase, build wealth through investment or reduce debt.

Create financial goals you're sure to achieve

When we set goals, it is always with high expectations and good intent. However, a few months into the year, after the initial motivation is gone, many will struggle to stay on track. What we are missing is a solid plan of action to guide and motivate us so we stay on the path to achieving our goals.

Here are ways to keep you on track:

1. Identify what you want. We often don't reach our goals because they are not what we want, but what

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Retirement Catch Up: Get your retirement savings back on track.

Pay yourself first. The key to building wealth is keeping a portion of what you earn. Set automatic transfer of a portion of your paycheque into a savings account, From there, you can choose to contribute a portion of your savings into a retirement account, such as a Tax-Free Savings Account (TSFA) and/or a Registered Retirement Savings Plan. (RRSP)

If you choose to contribute to a TFSA, you can contribute up to $5500 per year; keep in mind, the total contribution amount rolls over each year so you may be able to contribute more. If you're just opening the account, you can contribute up to $57000. There's a one percent per month over-contribution penalty; if you over-contributed more

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Conventional wisdom suggests we should save about 10 to 12 times our current income, however, many people approach retirement having saved much less. So how much is enough? The amount of money you should have saved before you retire depends on many personal factors and considerations including

Your Lifestyle: If you live well within your means and have prudently saved for retirement, you may not need to adjust your lifestyle much it is better to have the choice to downsize your lifestyle and spending habits than it is to be forced to due to lack of adequate planning.

Your Retirement Plans: Although it's wise for both you and your spouse/partner to save for retirement., there are other considerations that may impact your total savings target: At what

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Strategically reducing or paying off debt benefits your finances tremendously, but can positively impact other areas of your life as well. One possible benefit is 1. Reduce stress. Finances are . top source of stress for many Canadians. When you make the commitment to pay off your debt, you're also making a commitment to your overall health and well-being by minimizing a large cause of stress. 2. Improve your credit score. Although credit cards and lines of credit may help establish your score, maintaining low balances positively impacts it overall. Additionally, if you plan to finance a large purchase, such as a car or home, keeping your outstanding balances low may classify you as a lower credit risk and qualify you for reduced interest rates. 3. Easily

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