Do You Need A Financial Planner? Part 1

Posted by on Tuesday, March 6th, 2018 at 1:59pm

Many misconceptions revolve around the use of financial planners some people think only multimillionaires benefit. The truth is many people will find value in the advice of a financial expert. 

What can a financial planner do for you?
Review your financial situation by looking over your tax returns, income sources, assets, wills, insurance policies and retirement and estate planning documents.
Help you craft financial goals and identify your needs, now and future.
Create a financial plan.
Explain the different savings & investment options, like mutual funds, RRSP's, retirement savings and pensions, college saving plans, stocks, bonds, etc
Guide you through the types of insurance that may help best protect you.
Reduce the impact of taxes so you can keep more of your earnings.
Connect you with other professionals-accountants, attorneys, etc who may be able to help you execute your plan.
Review your progress and help you revise your plan.

Here are 7 reasons to seek a financial planner for advice.
1. You want to learn more about ways to boost your savings.
2. You have experienced a major life change.
3. You are not sure where to invest your money.
4. You have had a windfall.
5. You are taking care of an aging parent.
6. You are just starting out in your career.
7. You want impartial advice on your financial plan.

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