How to Boost Curb Appeal Part 2

Posted by on Tuesday, May 15th, 2018 at 9:38am

A few more things you can consider to boost the curb appeal of your home.

Pay attention to the details.

The door hardware and handles, light fixtures, and the house number. Something as simple as polishing the hardware or maybe replacing the style with something that complements the home. Purchase new numbers with the same finish as your hardware choice or purchase an address plaque to affix to your home or place in the yard. Update the style of your exterior lighting (look for same mounting systems as current). Add more lighting to increase the safety of your entryway perhaps an overhead fixture or wall sconces.

Nurture your landscape.

Mow the lawn regularly, mulch and weed the garden beds and prune any overgrown shrubs. Adding seed or sod to any bare spots you see in the lawn may also help. Add colour to your landscape with a few potted plants and flowers. If you have window boxes, maintain them through the growing season. *Symmetrical landscaping tends to be a common aesthetically pleasing way to go. Lights on each side of the door, potted plants on either side trying to show a nice balance.

Build a fence.

Creates privacy, and may add value as long as it fits with the style of the home and neighbourhood. Maintain any existing fencing, replace any broken gates, latches or planks.

Stay on top of maintenance.

Performing regular maintenance not only prevents costly damage, it can also augment the value of your home. 


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